elizabethElizabeth is one of the older neighborhoods in the center city of Charlotte’s landscape. The neighborhood was developed back in the late 1800’s and named after Anne Elizabeth Watts. In 1897 there was a small Lutheran College that was established in this neighborhood and named “Elizabeth College”. Elizabeth College stayed in Charlotte until 1915 before moving to Salem, VA.

Over the years the Elizabeth neighborhood has gone through a major transformation and today is now home to most of the major hospitals that are in the center city. It was also recently known as part of the arts district (not to be confused with No Da ) and boasts beautiful / unique architecture that dates back to the early 1900’s.

There is a major push currently underway in the Elizabeth neighborhood for developing additional retail at the Metropolitan and the Elizabeth Avenue Re-development pictured below. For more information about the wonderful Elizabeth Neighborhood in Charlotte center city real estate, please email us or call.

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