About 250 years ago, our Scots-Irish ancestors traveled the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia. They stopped at the crossroads of two Indian trading paths east of the Catawba River and built a settlement. As friends and neighbors joined them, the community grew to several hundred residents. In 1768, the town was incorporated and named in honor of the wife of King George III, the reigning English monarch. Local citizens also honored Queen Charlotte when they named their new county Mecklenburg after her German homeland. That’s why were called the Queen City.

The discovery of a 17-pound gold nugget in 1799 began a proliferation of mines and an influx of prospectors here. A Charlotte branch of the U.S. Mint was established in 1837. The boom was short-lived, however, as “strike-it-richers” and other opportunists followed the call to California a few years later. After gold boom and bust, the cotton industry brought prosperity to the region, and with it came the railroads, followed by the interstate highway system and the airport.

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