Mint Hill

mint-hillMint Hill is such a large area that it’s best that you contact us directly for specific information about homes in Mint Hill. We can provide you with pricing, pictures, MLS listings and/or whatever you need in order find your perfect home in Mint Hill, NC.

Incorporated March 11, 1971 with a population of 2,284, the town of Mint Hill, NC has enjoyed a steady growth to its current population of approximately 18,000 persons.

Following tradition established when the Mint Hill community was first settled in 1750, Mint Hill, NC has tremendous community spirit and pride. Within the town are many churches and excellent schools. Also, there are recreational facilities including private and public golf courses and country clubs.

Primarily a residential community, the business district has shown intensified development in recent years with approximately 285 businesses and professional services available.

Mint Hill and Idlewild Volunteer Fire Departments provide our community with fire protection and paramedic emergency ambulance service. These departments are rated among the highest in the State.

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