Wesley Heights

WesleyHeights_MainWesley Heights is located just outside the 277 Beltway to the immediate western part of Uptown. In 1911 the first home was originally built in the Wesley Heights neighborhood and back in the day, Wesley Heights was a thriving center of commerce for trades people and the residents that formed old downtown Charlotte.

Wesley Heights continued to prosper as a strong neighborhood until a large urban flight took place back in the 1970’s.

Now Wesley Heights is undergoing a process of rejuvenation as evidenced by the new in fill projects and many rehabs of some older homes that are taking place. As you drive into the Wesley Heights neighborhood you will notice a variety of architectural styles and exterior designs that can be likened to homes you might find in Dilworth, Elizabeth and Myers Park areas of town.

Wesley Heights is just one of six Historically Zoned Districts in Mecklenburg County including the Fourth Ward, Dilworth, Plaza-Midwood, Elizabeth and downtown Davidson.

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